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Is karma bound by internal actions ?

Questioner: Does karma apply to human beings?


Dadashri: Human beings do nothing but bind karma, constantly. The human ego is such that even though it does not eat, drink, or conduct any actions in the worldly life, it still maintains a notion of doership, which is why it binds karma. Karma is bound through the ego that says, "I am doing it." Is it not a wonder that happens? It can be proven that the ego does not eat, drink, or do anything else. It can also be proven that in spite of not doing anything, it binds karmas. Only humans bind karmas.

Questioner: Because of the body, one has to eat and drink, but despite this, is it possible that one is not the doer of karma?

Dadashri: One cannot see karma being bound. People in general think of karma as something that is visible to the eye. They may see someone hurt another person and assume that, that is how the person charges karma. Is that not what people believe?

Questioner: Yes, they say it as they see it.

Dadashri: People believe that karma is the external activities people do like eating, sleeping, hitting someone etc. People label all actions as karma. But in reality the activity they see is really the fruit of karma and not the actual karma itself. Whenever karma is bound, there is internal suffering. What does a child do when you give him bitter medicine? He makes a face! And when you give him medicine that is sweet, he will like it. When people do raag-dwesh (attachment-abhorrence) they are planting causes that give rise to new karma. You will have to experience karma that you like and also the ones you dislike. The ones you do not like will leave you hurting while those you like will leave you happy. The causes that were created in your past life bring fruits to you, in this life.

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