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Do you have a fear of loss in your business?

Within you lies infinite strength. The one with infinite strength will ask you, 'So Chandubhai*, what do you think?' The intellect within will respond, 'There has been such a big loss in this business. What will happen now? Try to recover that loss by taking up another job'. The one with infinite strength will say, 'Chandubhai why don't you ask me, why are you asking for advice from the intellect? Ask me, I have infinite strength. People seek profit from the very entity (intellect) that makes them incur a loss. You incur a loss from a different entity (karma effect) and are seeking the solution to it from another entity (the intellect). How will you be able to recoup from your losses in this way? You are the abode of infinite strength. If you don't spoil your inner intent, then there is no power in this world that will go against your wishes. Such is the nature of the infinite strength within you. Your inner intent must be that you do not want to hurt anyone to the slightest extent through your thoughts, speech and action. The laws of your inner resolve must be so strong that you will not go against that law even if it means loss of your body. You can lose your body only once, so there is no need to be afraid.


If people become anxious and scared so easily, then no one would engage in any business transactions. I have seen many prominent men who talk about making a demand on promissory notes in excess of hundreds of thousands of rupees. These are brokers themselves. They come to me. They are fearful and worried about what people are saying about them. They worry about what is to become of them. I give them encouragement and tell them to be patient and strong. I tell them that even when they drive around in cars that travel at high speeds, they are still able to reach home safely every time, so why would they not come out safely from their business? When we travel in cars if we feel that we will get into an accident, will we be able to travel? People do not go around banging into other cars do they? They are able to safely maneuver in an out. The same happens in business. If you were to succumb to fear so easily when you go out, then you would not even step outside the house to come from Santa Cruz to Dadar. The fact that you come here is because you are not afraid; you are not afraid because of your unawareness of the possibility of an accident. So you should be strong. So you must recover from the very place where you incurred the loss. Do not change your location or business. I know that this is the correct way from the perspective of the relative laws.

*Chandubhai =  Whenever Dadashri uses the name 'Chandubhai' or the name of the person Dadashri is addressing, the reader should insert his or her name for exact understanding.

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