Absolute Freedom from Bondage of the Universe

Unrestricted by Dravya, Kshetra, Kaal and Bhaav

The Vitaraags (absolutely Enlightened Ones) have discoursed that one will be freed eternally if one worships the lotus feet of a Gnani (the awakened One); the One who is absolutely unrestricted by dravya, kshetra, kaal and bhaav. Dravya is matter. Kshetra is location. Kaal is time. Bhaav is inner intent. Such beings can never be held back. These are the only four things in this world and it is because of these four that the world exists. However, not one of these can hold down or bind a Gnani Purush. Lord Mahavir has asked us to worship the feet of such a person, the One who is blessed with the true freedom from bondage of the Universe.

No circumstance obstructs Him nor is He bound by any circumstance, therefore He is in the bliss of uninterrupted freedom. The Gnani moves about according to unfolding of the karma, therefore He is in the constant state of samadhi — the state in which no situation in the relative world affects the equanimity associated with constant bliss.

No Acquisition, Renunciation, Attachment or Abhorrence

A Gnani is He who has no need to renunciate or acquire. He is natural amidst these states and is unaffected by them. He does not have likes or dislikes. He has an extraordinary quality of not having any attachments or abhorrence.

He is free from all karmic knots or complexes and conditionings. All the complexes dissolve and disappear in the crucible of Self Realization. He is the Absolute. For Him, therefore, there is no question of renunciation or non-renunciation, abnegation or acceptance. God Himself has propounded this. If renunciation were the yardstick of measure in the search for the Gnani, how will one ever recognize the Gnani? The Gnani does not require any novel ritualistic practices or penance to set a new path. His ultimate state in which Self Realization manifested is the state that prevails everlastingly. His ‘being’ is beyond the scanning of the laity. His state of being defies all mental measures of the mortal beings. This is why the Gnani enjoys absolute freedom!

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