Community Connections


Founding Board Member, Dutch Chapter


Worldreader is about books, reading and literacy. A US- and Europe-based nonprofit social enterprise,Worldreader transforms 

the way the developing world reads. Our mission is to unlock the potential of millions of people through the use of digital books in places where access to reading materials is very limited. Our goal is to bring “Books for all” everywhere.

YWCA of St. Joseph County
Board of Directors


The YWCA is present in 106 countries with 300 local associations in the USA. Our mission to eliminate racism and empower women. We provide economic empowerment progorams, residential and non residential services for women who are  victims of domestic violence, sexual assault or struggling with chemical dependency.
St. Margaret's House
Grant Writer/Interim Asst. Director


St. Margaret's House improves the lives of women and children by providing individual attention to their immediate needs, breaking the bonds of isolation and helping them acquire skills to better their lives. 

Cooperative Restraining Order Clinic
Restraining Order Volunteer 


The Cooperative Restraining Order Clinic (CROC) is a collaborative city-wide project which helps domestic violence survivors in San Francisco get restraining orders against their abusers. The services are free and confidential. It is the main way in which women in San Francisco obtain restraining orders.

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